Friday, August 24, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten: Lunch and Snack

I tossed around a lot of ideas when considering what to prepare for my daughter's first day of school lunch. I thought about preparing a school bus and using picks as different passengers, and I came close to making a pencil and ruler themed lunch. But, in the end I decided that it might be best to stick with familiar foods with a presentation style that she is accustomed to. I thought she might be short on time or distracted by everything else going on and that a complicated lunch might turn out to be something that went uneaten. So, the food above is what I sent with her on the first day. It was packed in the Spencer box that fits her Pottery Barn lunch bag. She had two stacked peanut butter star sandwiches beside a piece of chocolate cake leftover from a trifle I made for work. The bottom section held slices of yellow plum, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, orange pepper strips, pretzels, and a few purple grapes that I wedged in just to keep the other food from moving around. She ate most of the veggies, fruit, and pretzels along with one of the sandwiches. She had the second sandwich and some of the cake after school.

This was her first day of school snack. She had purple grapes on a homemade owl pick beside blueberries, and space themed Goldfish. I gambled on the Goldfish; she usually won't eat the colored Goldfish, but I thought these were cute and she figured she might like them as something special for a first snack. It worked out; she ate everything at snack time. And, I am really pleased to say that she loved her first day of kindergarten!

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