Supplies I Like

These are items I find useful and fun for creating bento lunches.

Foogo Straw Bottles are my current favorites for packing drinks:

Sassy Boxes are a favorite for packing lunches:

I find that they are easy for my kindergartner to open on her own, they fit the right amount of food for her, allow me to pack the food fairly tightly so that the food mostly stays where I want it, and are versatile in terms of working well with many of the picks and silicone cups that I already have on hand. Another bonus is the fact that they are inexpensive and come with several inner containers and lids that can be used independently or along with the main box. This is a box seems to be marketed for feeding toddlers, but it works extremely well as a bento box. Other examples of lunches I have packed in the Sassy box are here and here. We have both the pink and blue versions. I have been using them for several months. They are durable and dishwasher safe, which is not true for most bento supplies.

You can find more products I like in my Licious Lunches Amazon Store.

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