Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Foogo Straw Bottles

We love these Foogo Straw Bottle by Thermos. They do not leak and they are easy for both my five-year-old and eighteen-month-old to use. I have been sending them in my daughter's lunches for school and they have not leaked, even today when one came back inserted in her lunch bag upside down. We have several different styles of this bottle and all of the pieces are interchangeable. Above you can see the plastic and stainless steel versions of one with a flower design.

We also have this version with pink and purple in a stainless style

And, we have several of the blue and yellow plastic versions which we purchased on sale through Amazon. I have used these for water, milk, and orange juice in my daughter's lunches. I like sending these in her lunch for school because I know that my daughter will be able to open her drink without assistance. All she has to do is push the button and the cap pops up to reveal the straw:

The straw extends almost completely to the bottom of the bottle so my kids are able to finish their drinks. The bottle is simple to close also. There is nothing to twist or pull up, so I am always confident that she will be able to get it open independently. We have several kid-sized Sigg and Nalgene bottles that we use when we are with our children, but I like the fact that my kids do not need assistance with these Straw Bottles. I also like the fact that I can place orange juice in the plastic versions of the Straw Bottles, which is something that I cannot send in the Sigg water bottles. And, I like that the opening is very wide making it easy to pour into and wash. All of the parts of the bottles are dishwasher safe. Ours have been through the dishwasher numerous times over the last several months and are holding up very well.

So far, the only downside for us is the fact that my eighteen-month-old recently learned to hold these bottles at exactly the right angle to purposefully cause liquid to leak from the tiny air vent in the straw, visible here:

I would recommend these bottles for anyone looking for a leak-proof cup that young kids can easily open and close on their own. These Foogo Straw Bottles are durable, easy to clean, and very useful.

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