Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sixth Day of Kindergarten: Lunch

Orange was the assigned color for my daughter's sixth day of kindergarten so I decided to incorporate that color into her lunch. I packed strawberries with orange bunny picks, a small orange pepper, two cherry tomatoes on top of a small piece of celery, and two carrots. The other side held a string cheese, two peanut butter crackers, and pieces of deli ham on orange bear picks inside an orange pumpkin-shaped silicone cup. I saw the string cheese package with colored crayons on anotherlunch and then came across them in a grocery store near us. I liked the idea of getting these for lunches because we have another entire week of color days for kindergarten next week. The problem is, the only kind our store had with the crayon wrappers was white and "orange" cheese combined and my daughter sometimes will only eat the ones that are strictly mozzarella. So, later in the evening after this box was packed and photographed, I got worried that I had too many items that she might turn down. I was afraid she might reject the cheese, sometimes she won't eat strawberries, and she has been getting a little funny about eating the small sweet peppers. Therefore, I pulled the box back out of the refrigerator and added a little more to it:

The final version was a little reorganized. I added almonds in the small orange box and orange goldfish from the space themed Goldfish bag in a small silicone cup. I will be interested to see what makes the trip bag home tomorrow.

And, there is no snack for this day - my daughter made sure I was clear on that point :). Her school sells ice cream on Friday. On the verge of tears, she emphasized to me that she would not be allowed to buy ice cream if she had a snack in her bag, "Mommy you can't pack a snack, I really want to have ice cream - the chocolate kind. My teacher said I had to ask you for money. Please, remember no snack." I had already packed a snack, because I wasn't sure if they were still supposed to bring a snack to have with the ice cream. To make sure she didn't panic about losing the chance to get ice cream, I gave her the snack at dinner and showed her that I had already prepared the envelope with her ice cream money. She has been looking forward to getting ice cream at school way since back when we first went to kindergarten registration in the spring. She saw other kids walking in the hall with ice cream that day and she has talked about it several times since then. I hope it lives up to her expectations tomorrow!


This is an after shot of the lunch. she left the cheese untouched and a few Goldfish remained, but ate everything else including the added almonds. So, I guess my last minute additions were a good idea.


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