Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fifth Day of Kindergarten: Lunch and Snack

The fifth day was green day for the kindergarteners at my daughter's school, so I used a lot of green silicone cups for lunch and snack. Lunch was packed in our Lego bento box. The top tier had a dog-shaped peanut butter sandwich (green day was also the day for learning the letter D, hence the dog shape), almonds, and a few of the space themed Goldfish. The bottom tier held grapes, blueberries, ants on a log (we make these with mini chocolate chips instead of raisins because my daughter won't eat raisins), yellow, orange, and green pepper slices, and carrots. The sandwich came back untouched aside from the candy eye, but she ate everything else.

Her snack contained thin Ritz crackers, two tomatoes held by small green koala picks, and a string cheese with a green crayon wrapper. I pulled the wrapper open a little to make sure she would be able to get into it on her own. She ate everything in this snack.

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