Thursday, August 9, 2012

Food for Another Day at Work With Mommy

This was my daughter's breakfast.In the Sistema box, she had frosted mini wheats, almonds, an applesauce pouch, and blueberries and grapes on a pick. I like those picks (purchased at the Dollar Tree) because they are the perfect length for this box. 

For lunch, my daughter had a butterfly shaped peanut butter sandwich along with blueberries and grapes in the bottom tier. The top section had goldfish crackers and tomato and cucumber slices on picks. This was packed in an inexpensive bento box purchased through Amazon.

My lunch was in a MyBentoMeal box. I had turkey and muenster on a bagel with tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and grapes. My daughter swiped most of the carrots; I should have given her more veggies in place of the goldfish because they went uneaten.

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