Saturday, August 25, 2012

Third Day Kindergarten: Lunch

This was a lunch that turned out pretty cute even though it wasn't anything like I had planned in my head. I had prepared matching homemade bear picks and planned to pack a letter B sandwich at my daughter's request since they were learning the letter B on the third day of school. However, my son, who is eighteen months old, wasn't in the best mood that evening and nothing fit or worked out like I had imagined (as evidenced by the fact that I have no picture of her snack, even though I know she had one :). The letter B sandwich tore and when I attempted to salvage it by coloring it blue (it was also blue day at at school) it turned out looking very unappetizing. So, I ditched the letter B and the bear picks and ended up with this instead.

In a new Sistema box, I got at TJMaxx, I packed a few chocolate Koala bear cookies, a teddy bear shaped peanut butter sandwich, cucumber sticks, blueberries in a bear silicone cup, nectarine slices, cherry tomatoes, and pretzels. I like these side-by-side Sistema boxes because they are the perfect height for most of the silicone cups I have. This new pink one is easier to unlatch than the solid blue ones we have so I felt okay about packing it for my daughter to unlatch at school.

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