Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trying My Hand at a Lunch Bag Review

Let me start by saying that this is a post just to try a few things out. I have a new photo box and a couple of lights (a very thoughtful Mother's Day present) and I am trying to learn how to use it to improve the quality of my photos for this blog. So, I used it to take some pictures of my daughter's new lunch bag and I thought I could also try doing a short review of the bag. So, here goes:

This is the lunch bag I selected for my daughter to take to kindergarten. It is the Mackensie Lavender Owl design from Pottery Barn Kids (we purchased it). I wanted a bag that would allow my daughter to carry her lunches so that they would remain in a horizontal position (as if lying on a counter) rather than being turned on their sides. Finding a bag that allowed that was more difficult than I expected. I also wanted to make sure that I selected a bag that she could easily open and close, and one that would insulate well with room for ice packs and a water bottle. Overall, this bag fits with what I had in mind, although it is slightly larger than I would have liked for my kindergartner.

With the bag, we purchased the matching water bottle and the Spencer Dual Compartment Food Storage container in turquoise. The store was out of stock of the water bottle in the color we wanted, but they offered to ship it to us free of charge and it arrived even earlier than they said it would. Here, you can see the Spencer box and water bottle in the bag:

Here, you can see how a standard two-tiered onigiri box will fit alongside the water bottle in an upright position:

In this photo, you can see how our panda bento box fits. I wanted a bag that would fit this box because I know that my daughter can easily open and close this stacked box. It doesn't have difficult latches like some boxes do so I know that she can handle it without having to ask an adult for help when she has lunch at school.

Our Lego bento box also fits well:

As does our Crayola snack box which is similar to most "sandwich" boxes:

In this picture, you can see that a Foogo Thermos can be placed upright in the bag:

Here, you can see that the LunchBots Duo fits with ample space for a second box and ice packs:

And, the LunchBots Trio, which is slightly wider than the Duo also fits:

Lastly, you can see that the bag accommodates other water bottles too. Our Nalgene bottle fits well and our small SIGG kids water bottle fits with a lot of extra space.

So far, I am happy with the bag. It is very pretty and the material seems more sturdy than the standard bag you might buy at Wal-mart or another local store. I would prefer it to be a bit smaller, but we will see how it works out for my daughter in just a few weeks when school begins.


  1. Thanks for the review! This helped us a ton!

  2. Great review! I like that you showed how other containers and water bottles fit!