Sunday, July 29, 2012

This was a bento to feed/occupy my daughter in the car. Seriously, she is always unusually hungry (bored) on road trips and asks repeatedly for something to eat. I've gotten used to this and learned to pack one bento for every two hours in the car ;). This held goldfish, two flower shaped peanut butter sandwiches, a Kit-Kat bar, grapes and blueberries on a pick, cucumber slices, tomatoes, and celery sticks. I was very surprised to see that she ate everything EXCEPT the Kit-Kat bar. She loves chocolate so I expected her to want to eat it first, but she left it in the box and never even commented on it. Later that night she turned down the hotel chocolates so I suspected that she was getting sick - fortunately it never turned into anything.

This photo insists on being upside down. I have rotated it repeatedly, but after it uploads it is still in this orientation. Anyway, this bento was packed in a LunchBots Duo and held food for my one-year-old. He is still getting used to solids and doesn't eat much of what is offered in most restaurants so I usually try to pack something for him when we travel. He had a few Ritz cracker thins and goldfish, a few raspberries, some blueberries, quartered cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, and celery pieces.

Unfortunately, both photos are blurry. I was using a new camera and trying to hurry so that we could get on the road.

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