Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lunches for a Before School Work Day

This lunch was for my husband packed in a new MyBentoLunch box picked up at TJMaxx. He had a salad, with ranch in the metal KidsKonserve container, and a few goldfish in the bottom tier. The top tier held a turkey sandwich, carrots, tomatoes, orange pepper slices, and a few grapes.

This lunch was for me and was also packed in a new MyBentoLunch container. Both boxes have another white piece that fits just above the salad compartment to hold a fork and spoon. I had salad and goldfish similar to my husband, but I also packed leftover spaghetti which is not pictured.

This lunch was for my daughter. I packed a peanut butter sandwich in the shape of a butterfly that was decorated with sprinkles. She also had goldfish, orange pepper slices, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber slices, and purple grapes. This will be a practice lunch for my daughter. She is going to work with me for the day and will try out her new lunch bag and water bottle. I will have a chance to watch and make sure she knows how to open everything on her own.

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