Monday, September 17, 2012

Kindergarten Lunches and Snacks: Days Eighteen to Twenty-Two

For this letter Q lunch, my daughter had two Q-shaped peanut butter sandwiches, two ring gummies, some pretzel Goldfish, and a few sunflower seeds in the blue container. I attempted to arrange the food in the lower layer to look like a quilt for Q. That layer held slices of plum, purple grapes, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber slices, and carrots under the celery. This was packed in our panda bento box which is easy for her to open.

For snack, she had peanut butter and chocolate chips on celery, strawberries and blackberries, a few wagon wheel pretzels, and two butter mints. Most of this was returned untouched.

Rabbits were the theme for the day my daughter was learning the letter R. She had a rabbit-shaped boiled egg with carrots, rabbit-shaped cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, rabbit-shaped cheddar cheese, a rabbit-shaped peanut butter sandwich, rabbit-shaped chocolate graham crackers, blueberries, and a few almonds in the little orange rabbit container. She ate everything except the sandwich, and said she was "afraid to eat it because moving it might cause everything else to fall out"; perhaps a concern from another day when she dropped her lunch. This was packed in our Rabbit Moon box from Jlist. The shaped eggs are simple to make with these molds and always a huge hit with my daughter.

I continued the rabbit theme for snack that day. She had a cheddar cheese letter R, red raspberries, rabbit-shaped nectarine slices, and rabbit-shaped crackers in a rabbit silicone cup.

Sharks were the theme for the day of the letter S. My daughter has loved the movie Shark Tale and The Reef since about the age of two and has several shark toys so I thought she would enjoy this theme. I ordered these shark picks in advance. In a Lock & Lock box, she had two mini shark peanut butter sandwiches, a cheddar cheese letter S, cucumber stars on a shark pick, blueberries on a shark pick, cherry tomatoes on a shark pick, nectarine-shaped stars, red raspberries, celery, carrots, a fish-shaped boiled eggs, and a little chocolate pudding with fish-shaped sprinkles. She saw me packing this lunch and said, "It might be good to pack a spoon for the pudding." Thinking ahead - I like that :) She ate everything in this lunch except a small amount of the egg.

My daughter is also a LONG time fan of dinosaurs so I figured that a T Rex would be perfect for lunch on the day of the letter T. In our blue Sassy box, she had a dinosaur-shaped peanut butter sandwich resting on a bed of sugar snap peas. The sandwich was decorated with yellow pepper spikes, carrot dots, and T Rex spelled from cheddar cheese. I cut the sandwich using a cutter from this Wilton 101 Cookie Cutters set, which is the same set I have been getting all of the large letter cutters from. The right side of the box held tomatoes, cucumber slices, carrots, yellow pepper, blueberries, an Andes mint, and some chocolate pudding with dinosaur sprinkles. She really only ate the peas. She has had a cold and seemed to be sick to her stomach this evening so she didn't really get to enjoy this lunch.

My daughter had requested that we "order tiger picks from Amazon like we did the shark picks", but I couldn't find any tiger to order for the letter T day. So, we made Tigger using our Cricut and placed him in this snack. She had red raspberries, a tiger (resting on a circus peanut) made of cheddar cheese, a few apple slices, and some small pretzels. She ate a few pretzels, but nothing else.

For lunch on the day of the letter U, she will have an umbrella-shaped peanut butter sandwich. It was decorated with food safe markers and a pick that I saved from a Lindt chocolate last Easter. The Sassy box also holds a cheddar cheese letter U, carrots, sugar snap peas on umbrella picks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, blueberries, and red raspberries. Hopefully, she will feel like eating this.

 For snack, she has a Babybel cheese with a teddy bear cutout, heart-shaped nectarine slices, and a few chocolate rabbit graham crackers.

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