Monday, October 8, 2012

V is for Vampire and Halloween Supplies I Will Use Soon

The day the letter V was covered, I packed a Vampire lunch in our blue Sassy box. The top section held a cheddar cheese V and two circle-shaped peanut butter sandwiches held by a vampire that was propped up on a Milano cookie and some pretzel Goldfish. The vampire is from a set of cupcake picks from Wilton. These are made of a fairly thick plastic sheet that can be washed and reused. I think they will be useful as baran in addition to decorating sandwiches like in this lunch.


The bottom section of the lunch held blueberries, cherry tomatoes, carrots, raspberries, annd more blueberries all on homemade picks. These were all lying on sugar snap peas. The picks were made using clipart for a vampire bat, vampires, and scenes from a Max and Ruby episode where Max dresses like a vampire to try to scare Ruby. I included another screenshot from that episode as a lunch note for my daughter. She loved watching this show when she was three and she sometimes still watches it when she feels like a "feel good" familiar show.

I have picked up several Halloween-themed items I plan to use in lunches and snacks this month. I am going to share some of these here because I used to read blogs and see someone use something really cool in a lunch and want to get the item, but then not do it because I wouldn't see it in time to order and receive it before the holiday had passed.With that in mind, I thought it might be good to do a preview of Halloween supplies, before I use them in lunches.

First, I was happy to find these Halloween linzer cookie cutters. I found a Christmas set last year; I used those a lot to cut cheese and nectarines for my daughter. So, I think this Halloween set will also get a lot of use.The small size of these is great for creating cute little accents for bentos. This set (Wilton Halloween Metal Cookie 18-Piece Cutter Set) also has lots of small, cute cutters.

I found this Wilton Bat Silicone Ice Cube Tray that I plan to use to make bat-shaped gummies. We have made gummy candy a few times at home using this recipe. It is a great twenty minute or so activity for my daughter and it allows us to make cute things to add to themed lunches and snacks.The gummies peel out very easily from silicone trays and there is no need to spray the trays with nonstick coating. A Silicone Skull Tray is also available.

Last year, my mom bought me this set of pumpkin silicone cups after Halloween was over. I saved it all year long and now that October has arrived, they are finally getting some use. I have used them in several lunches for work and for a few of my daughter's snacks. This year, I bought a set of spiders and they also look really cute in lunches.


Silicone Spider Cups

Silicone Pumpkin Cups

At Michael's I bought a few foam stickers to use for homemade picks. I think the little faces on the mini-clothespins are really cute. I plan to stick those on picks or to clip them on silicone cups.

I bought this cookie cutter set on sale at a Ross store. I think the broom and witches hat will make a cute lunch, and the cauldron can potentially be used for lots of other things like a fishbowl, globe, and so on.

And, last (for this post anyway), I bought these Martha Stewart Adhesive DieCuts to use as baran and as decorations on lunchbox and container lids throughout this month. The package has several items of various sizes.
They are all cute; I am sure they will come in handy one night when I am rushed and need to just throw something in the box to finish rather than fussing over the details.

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  1. I need to get some of those spider silicone cups, I've just decided ;)