Sunday, January 13, 2013

Packing with Some New Bento Gear

This post will highlight products useful for creating healthy, cute, attractive lunches with minimal time investment.

This snowflake-themed lunch was packed in one of my new Easy Lunch Boxes. I packed matching lunches for me and my husband. This one was for my husband and it has one of the Classic lid colors. Mine was packed in one with a purple lid from the new Brights collection. The lunch includes a mini Hawaiian sub roll with turkey, muenster, tomato, and lettuce along side some snowflake Ritz crackers and cheddar cheese. A snowflake cookie my daughter and I made and decorated is also included in the main compartment. The upper side compartment contains blackberries and strawberries with a mitten pick and the lower side section holds some pasta salad with a snowflake pick. The Easy Lunchboxes are very sturdy and a great size for packing food for adult and child-sized lunches. They are a great deal; you can't beat four boxes for under fifteen dollars. Plus, these boxes are incredibly versatile; you can click here to see how others pack with Easy Lunchboxes.

Tonight, I also used a new piece of bento gear when preparing my daughter's lunch. I used my new CuteZCute Cutter. Since my daughter's kindergarten class is doing letter review this week, anything goes (rather than her usual request to match the lunches to the letter of the week). So, I decided on a frog theme for this lunch. The CuteZCute cutter was perfect for this. I used it to create a very quick and adorable frog-shaped peanut butter sandwich. Goldfish pretzels with a frog pick are next to the sandwich. A couple of gummi worms and a little container of sunflower seeds are also tucked in the top layer of this box. The bottom layer holds carrots, celery, Cherub tomatoes, cucumber slices, blackberries, and a few pieces of cheddar cheese on frog picks. Like the Easy Lunchboxes, the CuteZCute is a great deal. It includes four different plates to create a bear, pig, and cat in addition to the frog. You can stamp the sandwich or flip the plate over to use it as a cutter. The options are endless and you can click here for lots of examples of how to use it.

My daughter's snack for tomorrow is to the right. She will have a few pretzels, an applesauce pouch, and a cookie that she made and decorated.

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  1. Such pretty lunches, those berries are so gorgeous! Love the pasta salad, too...yum!