Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Story Bento

Inspired by A Boy and His Lunch on the second week of the Ho Ho Holiday Hop, I decided to create a bento based on A Christmas Story for my husband on his last full day of school before Winter break. 

Since drawing on a tortilla worked well for me for the Hobbit lunch, I decided to use the same approach for this lunch. Using food-safe markers, I drew the lamp Mr. Parker won and I drew Ralphie in the bunny suit. I also cut letters out of cheddar cheese for the quote "You'll shoot your eye out!". Both tortillas were filled with turkey and a cream cheese-based spread with bacon, cilantro, and pepperoncinis.

I tried six different boxes before settling on this MyBentoMeal box to fit this food. This is a rather large bento box and gave me the space I needed to lay out the words. I placed the cheese quote and lamp in the upper divided layer and put Ralphie in the bottom layer with some sugar snap peas, cucumbers, cherub tomatoes, carrots, pretzels, raspberries, and blueberries. I wanted to make sure everything stayed in place, so I packed the box in my daughter's lunch bag since the box fit perfectly in it and delivered it to my husband at work before joining my daughter for lunch. My daughter was a little worried when she saw me carrying that lunch bag because the school was serving pizza for lunch and she wanted to get a tray. But, after I explained, she thought it was pretty funny that her dad was getting his lunch in her purple owl bag. He was really impressed with his lunch and spent so much time showing it off that he almost ran out of time for eating :)


  1. HA! My husband would have "forgotten" that I'd packed him a lunch, then left the box and bag at work for a few weeks until they were too disgusting. They cater lunch at his office, and they're some kind of gourmet caterers, so he eats really well. Darnit.

  2. I love how you made the lamp shade a different layer! Awesome details!