Saturday, May 11, 2013

Letter S Themed Lunches and Snacks

Hey, look at this! I am finally posting something to my blog! “Spare” time has been really hard to come by these last several months. We have been fighting with a seemingly unrelenting string of illness in our home due to all the exposure my kids have to new germs at daycare and kindergarten. Caring for sick children and dealing with my parents’ health issues with have made this year feel like a never ending marathon. I have been proud of the fact that I kept up with packing fun, nutritious lunches even though I am WAY behind on sharing them. You will see that this post includes some snacks from Halloween. 

Way back in October, when my daughter's class focused on the letter S, I packed several lunches and snacks centered around items that began with S. Since it was Halloween then, Spiders were an obvious choice. She had a spider-themed lunch that included turkey on spider picks and a cheddar-cheese shaped S above pretzels, both in black spider shaped silicone cups. She also had grapes, carrots, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and red pepper slices. This was packed in a Fit-Fresh box because I liked the way the purple box coordinated with the orange and black.

I placed a spider die-cut on the lid of the box and included a spider napkin with the lunch.    


The next day, my daughter wanted a lunch featuring her brother because his name begins with S. I packed a peanut butter sandwich cut and decorated to look like a little boy along with pretzel Goldfish, grapes on little boy picks, cucumbers, carrots, peas, and a Milano cookie. I also spelled his name with picks, but those are not visible in the photo.

Snakes were an obvious choice for Wednesday of that week because she has long been fascinated with lizards and snakes. In our Sassy box, she had ham slices on homemade snake picks, cucumbers, peas, carrots, pretzels, animal crackers, and a row of alternating nectarine and plum slices.

Snack that day included hullless popcorn, pieces of plum, green gummies on a Sheep pick, and sunflower seeds in the green cup.

Thursday's lunch included a Snail-shaped peanut butter sandwich, a few mini Saltines, a couple of sour gummy worms, some apple slices in the pumpkin-shaped cup, cucumbers, orange pepper slices, peas, and tomatoes.

I included a note saying "I like the snail." because they were learning the sight words I, like, and the at that time. 
Snack that day was focused on Sharks. She had grapes on shark picks, a few Goldfish, peanuts in the blue box, and a few chocolate bunnies all packed in a shark-shaped box.

The last lunch of the week was a Seal lunch. She had two letter-S-shaped sandwiches, seal-shaped cheese and apples, tomatoes on seal picks, carrots, peas, cucumber sticks, as well as grapes and yellow and red pepper pieces on  homemade seal picks.

It has been so long since I packed this, I honestly don't remember what the yellow and pick cups held, but I would guess one contained sunflower seeds or peanuts and the other might have held mini M&Ms. I DO remember that she liked this lunch and she requested seal lunches at least two other times throughout the year. This was packed in a divided Sistema box.

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