Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spooky Lunches

It has been a VERY long time since I made time for blogging, but I have been packing bentos almost daily for two years. Things have settled down a bit in my life recently and I am going to try to take time to develop my blog and use the massive backlog of photos I have. This post includes a few recent lunches, beginning with my daughter's "Spooky" bento.

She had ham pieces on pumpkin, ghost, and bat picks arranged in a spider shaped silicone cup. That layer of the box also included a Babybel cheese, carrots, sunflower seeds in the small yellow cup, and a couple of candy corn, pumpkin-shaped pretzels. The other layer held cucumbers on a pick, apple slices, tomatoes, and red pepper slices. This year, my daughter has recess directly before lunch and she has been finishing her entire lunch nearly every day.

My husband and I had leftover barbecue chicken, a fresh tasty coleslaw made following this recipe, veggies and fruit. These were packed in our Lock&Lock boxes with the barbeque in a silicone cup so that it could easily be removed for heating. I packed the bun for the sandwich separately.

My daughter's morning snack included half of an Odwalla bar, mandarin oranges, grapes on a Zoe pick, and a piece of cheese.

My son's breakfast for daycare was packed in our Dr. Sears' Nibble Tray. It held Lucky Charms, a couple of pumpkin-shaped pretzels, oranges, a few Mini Wheats, grapes, and peach yogurt. He is so happy to be having his own boxes of food to take to "school" this year. He generally eats everything.

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