Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Batty Lunch and Other Halloween Themed Food

Today, my daughter has a bat-themed lunch. She has Goldfish in a homemade bat-shaped silicone cup, grapes on bat picks, carrots, celery, and a tomato all packed in one layer of this box. The top layer holds a sleeping bat peanut butter sandwich hanging from pretzel branches above a few spider-shaped sprinkles for a snack when the bat wakes ;). The sandwich was made with my new toy from CuteZCute. Just like earlier CuteZCute products it is very functional and a well thought out bento tool. It comes with presses for three other animals that will show in other lunches soon.

For breakfast at daycare, my son has a few Mini Wheats, sunflower seeds, grapes on a ghost pick, watermelon pressed with a Jack-o-lantern cutter, and strawberries. I also gave him a tube of yogurt.

My husband and I have matching lunches today. We have watermelon, strawberries, a salad, mini ham biscuits, and pumpkin-shaped tummies.

My daughter is getting over a cold and hasn't had a big appetite lately, so today's snack is light and packed in a small box from a set of nesting boxes. She has a green cup of sunflower seeds, apple slices, and a few frosted Mini Wheats. 

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  1. Loved going thru ur bentos !!
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