Sunday, October 20, 2013

Food for Monday

My daughter is getting over a cold and requested "healthy foods" :). So, for Monday's lunch she has Sunburst tomatoes on pumpkin and bat picks, cucumber slices, strawberries, honeycrisp apple slices, sunflower seeds in the yellow container, Goldfish crackers in the homemade ghost-shaped silicone cup, a couple of pumpkin-shaped gummies, and Jasmine rice molded in the shape of a pumpkin. This is packed in our Spencer box from Pottery Bard Kids.


Her morning snack is packed in a new nesting box I ordered from All Things for Sale. She has a Lucky Charms, part of a granola bar, raspberries and grapes on pig picks and a slices of Colby cheese. 

My son's breakfast for daycare is also packed in a new box which I think is super cute and just the perfect size for him. He also has Lucky Charms, a piece of granola bar, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes. I think he will be excited about his new box because he is really into trains lately.

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