Sunday, September 9, 2012

Food for a Museum Trip

After her first eleven days of kindergarten, my daughter was elated to have three days off for Labor Day weekend. She had very specific plans for what she wanted to do with "three WHOLE days off". Day One was for going to see my aunt and uncle at the lake and going on a boat ride, Day Two was for going to a museum, and Day Three was for staying at home. She helped me search on the internet for a museum that would live up to her expectations (She has been to quite a few considering that she and my husband have often had to find entertainment while I was at meetings in other cities.). We settled on one a couple of hours away for her "Second WHOLE Day Off".

I packed food for the road trip since I know that she likes to eat bentos in the car. In the Sistema box above, she had a Babybel cheese with a star cutout (this one was eaten), ham on picks, a row of cherry tomatoes, and sugar snap peas (these have been a huge ht with her lately) all on the left side. The right side held nectarine pieces cut as flowers, Cocoa puffs, Cheez-Its, and Goldfish. She ate this food in two sessions in the car.

For my eighteen-month-old son, I packed yogurt covered raisins, a Mum-Mum pack, Goldfish and Cheez-Its, Cocoa Puffs, and nectarine slices. There were also some Rice Chex below the raisin box. I was a little low on fruit that morning so he ended up with a lot of grains.

The box above held a lot of "Minis". My daughter had mini Club Crackers with peanut butter, a mini ice cream cone filled with sour patch kids, mini animal crackers, sunflower seeds, and Little Frosted Mini Wheats. This food was great for passing the miles in the car.

Right before we went out the door, I remembered that museum food is often overpriced and pretty bad, so I decided to pack something super fast for me and my husband. We each had some Utz party mix, mini animal crackers, a string cheese (I am still trying to finish those off since my daughter stopped eating them.), a turkey and Havarti sandwich on French bread, and a Peppermint Patty. I packed and photographed these in under five minutes and they turned out to be perfect for us to eat in the car right before arriving at the museum.

We went to IKEA after the museum and as we were waiting for my husband to get everything at the warehouse, my daughter asked if I had a snack for her and her brother to share. She remembered doing that on the last trip.

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